About Us

September, 2033 -- The founders of The Raleigh Quarterly perished today. They leave behind an online, print, events and holographic network that inspired a new wave of reading and thinking. RQ contributors and readers from around the world solved ancient riddles of the head and heart, unraveled corrupt power structures, and sparked generations to turn off the TV and turn the iPhone into a virtual library. They are survived by billions of creators who, through regular use of the RQ, found a platform to speak, freak, lash and make out.

This rudimentary guide to using the RQ network first appeared in the organization's September 2008 edition:

This is how we hope The Raleigh Quarterly can work for you.

  • Discuss, critique and tweak work. Become a member and join the fray.

  • Revel in seeing your work and/or the work of others in our quarterly print edition.

  • Mash up with other creators not only online, but at regular events.

Showcase your work. Send it to submissions@raleighquarterly.com

Our Staff

Greg Behr - Co-Publisher and Fiction Editor
Billy Warden - Co-Publisher and Fiction Editor
Jamie Le Jeal - Managing Editor
Chris Salerno - Poetry Editor
Chris Tonelli - Poetry Editor
Katie Nordt - Designer and Editor at Large
Molly Miller - Art Curator
Dan Poindexter - Editorial Intern