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Selling Her

(Todd Wright)

“You’re up, Henry,” the driver yelled over his shoulder. I wiped the sweat off of my brow and squeezed my way past the eight other bodies in the sweltering van. I waded through empty energy drink cans and chip bags, while the others cheered for me. They patted me on the back. Called out my name. The ones who had room to do so, clapped. The others banged their feet to pump me up. It smelled of stinking bodies and the air was tight. I couldn’t wait to get some air.


I opened the sliding door and untangled my feet from the guy next to me. I stepped outside and headed for the back of the van, and the driver got out of his side and met me around back. “You’re ready for this,” he smiled and patted me hard on the head. He opened the back door and I pulled out my box. A heavy oblong package weighing somewhere around thirty pounds and standing four feet high. “Don’t forget your attachments,” he barked, and tossed a smaller box on top.
“Thanks Sonny,” I said. I had to get my game face on.
“Remember,” he said, fixing my tie. “We’ll be back in an hour. So get in there, do your full demo and sell them. If you get yourself kicked out, you’re sitting on that hot ass curb and waiting…&rdqu...


Leila Watching

(Susie Potter)

“You’re a doll.” She kissed his oily looking cheek, and he beamed goofily, revealing a browned left front tooth.


Love of Make Believe

(JJ Strong)

I slept with the maid of honor at my friend’s wedding last Saturday and haven’t seen her since.


Mary Storms

Nine Stories Was a Long Way Up

(Andy Bailey)

The potted plant fell from the sky and shattered against the patio, launching ceramic shards across the concrete and ripping Tony from a gin nap. He s...


Learning a Second Language

(Megan Roberts)

Now it is Valentine’s Day and the pressure of love bears down on them. Inside every store window are red cut-outs, pink lights, roses, chocolates.


Kurt Meyer


(Sara Lippmann)

She never would have entered if it weren’t for her husband. This was not her kind of place, and as her husband creaked open the door, paint flaking ea...


Matt Sesow

Arnold in Flames

(Noah Elliot Blake)

Arnold’s face burst into flames in the bathroom while his wife showered. He was stunned by surprise, then further paralyzed by the sudden myopia that ...



(Robert McGee)

I’m at lunch with my friend Z. (Z isn’t short for Zachary or Zeke. Z is what Z’s parents named Z as a child, although Z has never asked why.)


Greg Humphreys

Before the Fall

(Rebecca Serle)

“The world stopped,” he says. We are in bed and it is late, almost at an hour to call early.


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