The story of the mixed up but ultimately heroic sibling to the world's most famous pirate came to life with the help of talented artists from across the country, an enthusiastic creative community and the founders of The Raleigh Quarterly.

In the fall, we shared the rollicking fable "Big Beard: The Sea-sational Story of Black Beard's Little Brother" with friends, family and the weird guys who hang out in the park dressed like pirates or at least bearing a strong resemblance.  Soon requests to illustrate the tale poured in.

Rather than allow the authors to simply pick an illustrator for the story, we invited mateys everywhere to submit their interpretations of this decidedly un-seaworthy character and his misadventures. We put together a exhibit of the scallawagicious work and asked the public to choose the most fitting artist.

With hundreds of votes cast, Pete Green, a student at NC State's College of Design, is our winner and is now busy illustrating the entire story.  Read an excerpt of the storty to the left and view a few of the three dozen illustrations.  Stay tuned for more from Big Beard ...

BIG BEARD: The Sea-sational Story of Blackbeard's Little Brother

By Billy Warden and Greg Behr

Blackbeard's little brother had it tough.  Everyone talked about Blackbeard, the famous, fearless pirate. 

No one talked about Blackbeard's little brother.  And no one knew anything about what he liked to do.

Blackbeard's little brother liked to dream up amazing new things to build.  Like tunnels under mountains.  Slides around clouds.  And especially bridges to all the islands near his family's little house by the sea.  But no one knew, and no one cared...

And so, one stormy day, Blackbeard's little brother decided he would become just like Blackbeard ... only better and BIGGER!  That, he thought, was just as it should be...MUCH MORE TO COME!

By Pete Green

By April Kirkpatrick

By Adam Cohen