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Raleigh's first ever Literary Death Match was the most successful per capita in the global event's storied history.   Writer Jodi Vickers took home the championship.  Jodi's story, "Gimp," is here for your perusal and pleasure.  If you're faint of heart, please know that you probably will, indeed, faint -- perhaps waking up in the arms of one of the story's inappropriately dressed hockey players, which would no doubt put you into a bona fide coma.  Thanks to Opium Magazine for teaming with the RQ on the Death Match success (

As always, check out the site for new poetry and art.  Elsewhere, the RQ is loving Jess Walter's The Financial Lives of Poets.  We've heard the middle-class angst-monster plot line before, but the writing is exhilaratingly fresh.  What are you digging?  What are you writing?  What's stopping you from submitting and getting famous?  

As always, don't forget to pick up the inaugural print edition of the RQ at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, the Regulator in Durham and through And don't forget to keep coming back to We're always adding something worth seeing. There, not a single typo.

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Recent Submissions


My Mother, My Gimp, or Don’t Worry, Daddy Isn’t Hurting Mommy

(Jodi Lynn Villers)

Dear Lord, there is a man at the bar with a black hood over his face, a gimp straight out of a grainy fetish flick.


Leila Watching

(Susie Potter)

“You’re a doll.” She kissed his oily looking cheek, and he beamed goofily, revealing a browned left front tooth.


Blowing Bubbles

(Katherine Proctor)

Virginia was in a sea of browned, patchy grass, but she was not sinking.



Image Courtest of NAL Trade

Knitting Narratively

(Elice Behr)

"Casting Off" is a wonderful tale of knitting and life.


The Accidental Capitalist

(Emilie Haertsch)

The Coco Puffs are clearly mine. I wrote my name on every side of the box in marker, pressing hard for emphasis.


Image Courtesy of Grove Press

Explicitly Yours

(Kelly Borberg)

The reviews of Wetlands are effusive: “explicit,” “shocking,” “accomplished,” and even “a feminine manifesto.”  I was eager to tuck into the bold, bra...



Four Poems

(Laura Sims)

Shone At dusk


Two Poems

(Whit Griffin)

No attempt at the picturesque, another peasant revolt has left the orchard


Four Poems

(Elliot Conrad)

Paused to let a wave of regret pass I stared at the goldfish in the pond